Emotional Design

I was asked for too many times why you want to go to lynda.com as opposed to the other offers from bigger and public companies. Yes, after staying at BNI for almost two years where the financials are not disclosed, I don’t feel secure working for private companies any more. But I am going to a private corporation again.

I explained to those who were curious: it’s a more challenging job and it made me nervous and excited. And I myself was convinced by this statement.

A month a half later today when I pretty much finished the transition at BNI and am about to come on board at lynda, I realized something that I don’t really want to admit which is a major trigger for where my heart went to: it’s kinda cool to work in their office environment.

I like their interior design, pretty and warm paint, well designed name plate, business card and stationary, espresso machine, coffee mug, big Mac monitors, etc., etc. All these little details touched me, and I am sure it will make me feel comforty and happy to stay in office, late.

Every second, an average human being receives 11 million sensory units. But only 40 of them are processed. Most decisions are made through unconscious mental processing (Weinschenk, 2009), so emotional design came into place.

Usability is about can your users go through the registration process and register as a member; while emotional design is about will your users do it.

While everything seems to be fairly equal and rational, it’s your emotion and unconsciousness that make the decision. Your users will follow their hearts.

Funny enough I’ve written papers and presented in conferences about design and emotion and I forgot about it.

Ciao BNI and my fellow colleagues! I enjoyed so much working with you.

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About Kejun Xu
An Information Architect devoted to user experience research. A User Researcher dedicated to user-centered design. A Usability Engineer engaging in making the Web easier to use. A translator and interpreter who loves intercultural communication and bridging people together.

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  1. Kaitlin Peppe says:

    I have built a website and I am trying to find a new template. I got some ideas from here! Feel free to visit my blog and suggest things!

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